WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels


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Creating labels has come really easy and fast with the Advanced Product Labels plugin. Promote your free products, show “Free Shipping” or other special attributes of products. By using conditions you can add each label to specific products in your shop.


✅ Custom labels on products
✅ Labels for products by specific conditions
✅ Labels by: product name, product category, sale status, stock status, bestsellers position, price, total sales count
✅ Labels custom text and discount percentage type
✅ Labels custom background and text colors
✅ Custom label position
✅ Multiple labels for one product
✅ CSS templates
✅ Custom image template
✅ Better position for labels
✅ Font size for labels
✅ Font family for labels
✅ Dimensions(px|em|%) for the Height, Width, Font size, Line height, Padding and Margin
✅ z-index for labels


✅ 30 CSS templates
✅ 12 Advanced templates
✅ 14 Image templates
✅ Label size multiplier for scaling complex labels
✅ Addon Advanced Content: links for labels
✅ Opacity for labels
✅ In-title label position
✅ Labels for each product
✅ Shortcodes can be used in the label content
✅ Tooltip can have an image inside
✅ Label by: product age, stock quantity, sale price
✅ Custom image and time left for discount type of label
✅ Custom label border and font size
✅ Gradient and Shadow
✅ Size Multiplier
✅ Discount Timers
✅ In-title label
✅ Labels can be rotated from -90deg to 90deg
✅ Labels can be added to products with specific attribute values


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Last Update: March 26, 2022
Released: September 28, 2021
Version: 1.1.8