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Learn how to create WordPress XML and HTML Sitemap NOW !!

There are XML and HTML Sitemap which they are types of sitemaps. We’ll go over the WordPress plugins you’ll need to make an XML Sitemap and an HTML Sitemap in this article. So, If you’re a webmaster who knows a little about SEO, you should be aware that having a Sitemap on a website can be really beneficial. You can create two different sorts of sitemaps.

 XML and HTML Sitemap!
XML and HTML Sitemap

Search engine bots

Firstly, let us talk about Search engine bots which can find each page on your site with the help of a sitemap. This is a page that has all of your site’s URLs, therefore it will have any and all pages you can think of.

Advantages and Disadvantages of XML and HTML Sitemap

Both types of sitemaps have advantages and disadvantages. A XML Sitemap is beneficial since it assigns frequency and priority to each website, allowing bots to understand what to visit and which pages are more significant. The HTML Sitemap is crucial because, unlike the XML Sitemap, it is user friendly.


Creating XML Sitemap

To create an XML Sitemap similar to ours, simply download the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

Creating HTML Sitemap

If you want an HTML Sitemap, you should install the HTML Page Sitemap plugin.

Both of these plugins are well-known, and they offer a wide range of choices. If you have any problems with this plugin, please let us know in the comments.


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