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WoodMart Theme WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart theme is a premium theme optimized for creating WooCommerce online stores that
provides a super-fast interface for the ultimate user experience

Compatible with the latest version of WordPress 5.8+ and WooCommerce 5.9+

6 Reasons to Get WoodMart theme

1- Elementor & WPBakery support

Build your content without the coding skills required. Use the most popular Elementor or WPBakery page builder.

2- Intuitive setup wizard

Install our theme, and all included plugins, and import the dummy content in a few clicks. Everything is included in one theme file.

3- 400 templates library

Prototype your website pages in a few clicks with our pre-made templates library. Combine different demos and create your own pages.

4- Performance & SEO optimized

Don’t compromise between a beautiful store and a fast website. With the WoodMart theme, you will get everything in one spot.

5- Dedicated support team

Our trained team of support specialists and developers help will never leave you alone with your website.

6- Trusted by 35k+ customers

WoodMart theme is one of the most popular WooCommerce themes on the market. 35k+ customers just can’t be wrong.




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Business, Marketplace, Retail

“If you build it, they will come”

‘WoodMart theme is a premium WordPress theme designed from the ground up for building
supreme WooCommerce online stores of any kind. Focussed on user experience​ first
WoodMart theme uses a powerful AJAX tech to give users a very fast and seamless online
shopping interface
without the need to constantly refresh pages.

Build any kind of online store ​you can imagine and start earning that passive revenue
you have been thinking about with ‘WoodMart theme ’ for WordPress and never look back.

All-In-One eCommerce Solution in WoodMart theme

WoodMart theme doesn’t require tons of plugins to run your online store. The most important features
come out of the box and you don’t need to purchase anything extra. Wishlist, compare, product swatches, AJAX filters,
built-in slider, and other features will save you from installing at least 10-20 unnecessary plugins. Use our
quick setup wizard and run your online store in a few clicks.

Theme Settings Panel

With a powerful Theme Settings Panel ​that allows you to change a plethora of Woodmart theme Settings
with a single click
, you don’t need any coding experience. Without the need for multiple
plugins to power it WoodMart theme is smart, lean, and fast,​ so you can get on with business. The
Theme Settings panel gives you a graphical interface to make simple changes quickly and

Fully Customizable

Everything has been tweaked and developed to respond to your customization requests​ with
a minimum of fuss so what you are left with is a highly customizable website that can adapt to
your change requests easily and quickly.

Change up your fonts, update your color palette ​to meet your brand guidelines, update
your swatches to show multiple product variations​ – it’s all accessible from the familiarity of the intuitive WordPress dashboard.

Optimized for Google Page Speed

Website performance is one of the key factors for Google rankings starting in 2021.
With the WoodMart theme, you don’t need to fight with slow websites anymore. We spent hundreds of hours
experiencing and implementing the best practice techniques in the speed optimization and the performance field. WoodMart theme has a unique mechanism to load CSS and JS files only on pages where they are needed. And it will reduce the
total page size by 2-3 times compared to other WordPress themes.

Responsive Design

Of course, the WoodMart theme features a completely responsive design that manipulates itself to best
suit the device it is being viewed on. This means you can carry on with the best part like listing items for sale, creating a killer shop, and leaving the technical stuff up to the developers.

We guarantee that your website will display fluidly across every device​ type you can think of
without any extra effort on your part – laptops, PCs, smartphones,​ and tablets​ – have been carefully thought out and included in this smart website theme design.

Retina Ready

We’ve also made sure that your new website​ will display with the highest possible pixel
as per the user’s device. If that happens to be a retina-ready device then that display will
light up with colors that are simply out of this world.

Make the most of your photography with this retina-ready theme for WordPress, you won’t
regret it.

SEO Optimization

SEO is the hottest buzzword​ of the decade but put simply it means that your website
needs to be coded a certain way so that Search Engines like Google and Bing​ can find the
right stuff it needs, to rank your page correctly.

This means clean code, well-designed, and support for almost all popular SEO plugins that give you more control over the use of the right metadata​ in the right place, and being
free of bloat.

Powerful AJAX

AJAX​ or Asynchronous Javascript and XML​is a group of techniques used in web
development which allows a web page to communicate with a server without reloading the
page. This is best witnessed when searching through products. You know you haven’t got an
AJAX-powered site​ when every category changes or product swatch updates you make the
the whole page flickers and reloads.

Not with the WoodMart theme. Using the best tech available we have gotten away from that problem with
galleries of products of any kind with stacks of possible types and kinds that simply update as
you select them. It provides your customers with the kind of experience you’d expect in a
leading marketplace online today. Live up to their expectations with the WoodMart theme for
– simple.

Over 70 Demo Websites. 370 Premade Sections

A great website should have a nice supply of demo layouts to get you started and we
recognized this from the outset and went out hard from the gate with over 70 stunning layouts
for you to choose from. You can use our theme for any kind of store including furniture, fashion, clothing,
electronics, watches, glasses, sports, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and a lot of others. Our theme is also suitable for corporate and magazine websites
and you can use it without WooCommerce.

With our extensive templates library for Elementor and WPBakery, you can prototype your pages blazing fast.
Take sections from different demos and pages and combine them into new creative and eye-catching pages.
Don’t waste your time configuring everything from scratch. Just import a few sections and write your texts.
You can find sections for any needs and in tons of different styles.

Advanced Variable Products

Being able to apply multiple product variables and swatches to products in your store is a
must. WoodMart theme is optimized by allowing you to have one listing but show many colors for
instance, or a certain product that has multiple sizes, types, styles, and purposes.

This gives your shop so much more depth with every product being able to have multiple
attributes and variations
, and as soon as they are added to your Cart they appear, no page
reloads, no refresh necessary. Once you’ve tried it there’s no looking back.

Drag & Drop Header Builder!

A great user experience often starts with an awesome header design, and as silly as that may
sound to some it is often overlooked. With the next iteration of the WoodMart theme,  we release a
powerful ‘Drag & Drop’ header builder that gives you complete control over designing your
headers. Drag blocks into place, label them, update background images, colors, borders,
padding you name it. All with a simple GUI that anyone can use to build something really

Unlimited possibilities with the WoodMart theme!

WoodMart Showcase


Feature List

 Ready-to-use Demos

It is worth noting that the WoodMart theme has free, ready to import demo versions. This is a cost-effective solution for owners of e-commerce websites because they get to use theme features and design for free.

The free demos are sorted in different categories like product, shop, marketplace and more. This way it is easier for you to search for your desired demo and decide if you need it for your website or not.

The WoodMart demo section contains ready-to-use layouts for fashion e-commerce projects, spot shops, jewelry, and cosmetics retail websites, etc. Owners of magazine websites can find appropriate themes that meet their requirements as well. All you have to do is to choose the most suitable design and import it!

The theme also comes with a social login along with a standard sign-in process. Accounts can be created through social profiles and New users should specify their usernames or an email address and a password to complete the one-click registration process.

Moreover, all demo layouts, pages, and templates have a preview option that lets you have a better look at their designs. This way you can take a close look at any available demo before purchasing.

One more advantage of the WoodMart WordPress theme is the absence of additional plug-ins. The new version of template selection has a built-in theme’s core. Each user can create his own wishlist with favorite layouts, landing pages, titles, headings, etc.

Theme Settings panel

WoodMart is a fully customizable WooCommerce theme with a drag & drop builder in the header and footer as well as extended options for different shop page templates, product page layouts, and a great number of other comprehensive web-building tools.

As soon as the WoodMart theme has been installed and activated together with all the related plugins, the Dashboard gets the Theme Settings and WoodMart tab, ensuring the possibility to customize the view of a website.

Here is a list of our main settings sections.

General – contains all the general settings related to your website and some of its elements.

Page title -configure your page title section that comes right after the header. Contains the page name, breadcrumbs, and product categories on the shop page.

Footer – bottom section of your website that comes on all pages.

Typography – here you can set fonts settings for every element on your website and upload custom fonts.

Styles and colors – set your main website rounding, colors, backgrounds, and configure buttons

Blog – main section for your blog and posts settings.

Portfolio – set up your portfolio page and configure a single project

Shop – general sections with extra options for the WooCommerce shop page and other sections of the store. How to configure WooCommerce shop page with WoodMart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Yux7nwTJhs

Product archive – contains all options related directly to product archive pages

Single Product – all settings for the single product page

My account – set up registration on your website.

Social profiles – configure social buttons with your social profiles links and share buttons.

API integrations – all integrations with social API services

Performance – speed up your website with our built in performance features

Maintenance – turn on or off the maintenance mode on your website

White Label – customize most of the “WoodMart” and “Xtemos” attributes

Custom CSS – write CSS code for different devices.

Custom JS – a place for your custom JS scripts

Other – contains other settings for the website and some of its elements.

Import / Export / Reset – backup your current settings or transfer to another website with the same theme.


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