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WPML Translation Management Plugin

WPML’s Standard Translation Editor lets in accordance with turn some content material kind beyond inside over you WordPress admin.

Jobs queue for translators

When administrators send content because of translation, you translators get hold of notification emails.

Translators operate no longer see the Translation Dashboard. Instead, every translator has a queue concerning jobs, which the website Admin has sent to them.

Translators continue to WPML->Translations for their queue on pending jobs.

Translating the use of WPML’s transport editor

When translators click on edit, beyond theirs listing about pending jobs, it are committed according to WPML’s Translation Editor. There, she considers the originals than the translations, side-by-side.

Here is the same Hello world post, among the Translation Editor.

A weblog submit includes a title, a body, tags yet categories. The Translation Editor indicates each of it within an exceptional field. You perform consult the original yet the removal and replica of them.

Just like the value WordPress editor, the Translation Editor also consists of HTML then Visual modifying modes.

When every area is completed, click on the translation finished checkbox after motion in accordance with the subsequent field.

Translating fields with pictures then vile media types

The Translation Editor does not enable adding media in imitation of the contents during translation.

Use the similar steps in accordance with turn fields as function media:

  1. Copy the field out of the original. You desire advise the media appear of the translation.
  2. Translate the texts.
  3. Click concerning the checkbox in accordance with indicate that unship is complete.

Translating taxonomy terms

As noted above, so a put-up kind is sent in accordance with translation, WPML choice ship along all taxonomy terms related along with a precise post type. Translators’ intentions stand in a position in conformity with parley and turn these appropriate beyond the Translation editor.

Re-translating meanwhile translated taxonomy phrases may not stay applicable and that can also motive trouble according to post kind – term associations mainly then extra files are related according to a precise taxonomy term. For it reason, administrators can forestall translation over taxonomy phrases so much hold in the meanwhile been translated. The putting is placed on the WPML -> Translation Management page, below the Multilingual Content Setup tab. There, seem for the How in conformity with reducing posts then pages section.



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