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We were receiving a flood of emails from individuals wondering how to create a floating share box on their WordPress site. Is it possible that it was a plugin? After consulting with our staff, we determined that creating a free plugin would be more efficient than responding to each individual email.


Smart Sharing


What is the purpose of this Smart Sharing Plugin?

In single posts only, smart sharing provides a floating box with social media buttons. Retweet, Facebook, Digg, and Stumbleupon are the options by default. However, you are not restricted to these options because you can add your own custom codes.


What are the benefits of using this plugin?

The Positive Reinforcement Theory of B.F. Skinner is applied to social media marketing in this plugin. Buttons are typically put at the top or bottom of a post. Both of those stances are acceptable, but they are not ideal. If you put them near the bottom of the post, you’re assuming that the user will read all the way down. Users may enjoy the content but not read the entire article. However, if there was positive reinforcement, people would still spread your articles. This plugin adds a little floating box that scrolls down with the user, allowing them to vote when they’re ready.


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