Tumblr2WP makes it easy to switch from Tumblr to WordPress

It’s easier than ever to create a Tumblr-like  experience in WordPress with the new Post Formats in WordPress 3.1. In brief, WordPress Post formats now allow you to quickly style and organize your posts, photographs, links, quotes, and other content in a fashion that is comparable to Tumblr, which is why the service is so popular.



If you’re trying to “micro-blog” for business, the recent outage troubles, as well as the fact that you don’t own your “tumblog” or any of its content, can drive you crazy. However, one of the advantages of using a self-hosted WordPress platform is that you have complete control over all aspects of your site. WooThemes, one of the largest and most popular commercial WordPress theme providers, has announced a new FREE service that allows you to convert your Tumblr blog to WordPress in a matter of minutes. Tumblr2WP is a free service that creates a WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) file with all of your Tumblr posts, post types, and other information Metadata is crucial. This file can be imported into a WordPress installation using the import function.


The new tumblog themes from WooThemes, such as Auld, Crisp, Elefolio, Unite, Retreat, Cinch, and Canvas, would work right out of the box on your blog. You may also add tumblog-like functionality to your theme by using the WooTumblog Plugin or manually coding it in.


As a launch special, WooThemes is offering a 31% discount on their Tumblog themes. Use the code “TUMBLR2WP” to get a discount (Offer valid till February 28, 2011)


All you have to do now is go to Tumblr2WP.com and fill out the simple form.



The Benefits and Drawbacks of Making the Change

Tumblr is a fantastic platform, therefore switching to WordPress has advantages and disadvantages.



There is no longer a re-blog button – Using a self-hosted WordPress blog platform eliminates the viral nature of the Tumblr community. You also lose the community-style dashboard, which displays you who has “hearted” or “re-blogged” your work, along with the re-blog.



You have more control over your personal information and the site as a whole. You also gain access to WordPress’s power and a slew of other features that you won’t find on a hosted Tumblr blog.



The decision is ultimately personal, however we believe WooThemes has done an excellent job of making the transition as simple as possible.

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