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Do you wish to restore the default settings for your WordPress database?

You might need to restore your database to its initial state if you’re working on a local server or a test site.


This post will demonstrate how to quickly restore the default settings for your WordPress database.


Resetting your WordPress database before

WordPress keeps a database of all the content on your website. This includes information about your pages, articles, media files, settings for plugins and themes, and more.

Sometimes you might want to start over and just go back to the fresh install if you have been working on a test site on a local server or staging site.

The quickest way to do this is to reset your WordPress database. It removes all of your WordPress data but leaves your web hosting server’s files intact.

The data will be permanently lost if you reset your WordPress database. It is irreversible.

Before continuing, you can create a complete WordPress backup. If you don’t want to save your entire website, you may also backup your WordPress database on its own.

Please read on if you would rather have written instructions.

Restore the default settings for your WordPress database

The WordPress Database Reset plugin must first be installed and activated. See our step-by-step tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

You must go to the Tools » Database Reset page after activation. You can choose the database tables you wish to reset from here, or you can choose all of the tables by clicking the “Select All Tables” link.


Select tables you want to reset in your WordPress database

You can choose to reactivate your current WordPress theme and active plugins when you choose all tables. Your current WordPress user account will also be preserved by the plugin.

Reset database options

After entering the security code in the text box and clicking the Reset Tables button, you must confirm the reset.

To proceed, click the OK button when a warning box appears on the screen.

Warning popup

All of the data in your WordPress database tables will now be deleted by the plugin. On the plugin’s settings page, you’ll see a success message.

Database reset complete

You’ll exit the WordPress admin area after a brief delay. To continue working on your website, you can log in using the same old account.

We trust that this post has shown you how to restore the default settings for your WordPress database.


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