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Do you want to find the finest WordPress Event plugins for your website?


For many types of businesses, event plugins are a must-have. They assist you in displaying event calendars, allowing users to RSVP to events, selling tickets, adding and managing venues, and more.

We’ve hand-picked some of the top WordPress event plugins for your site in this post.

How to Choose the Right WordPress Event Plugin?

There are several WordPress event plugins to choose from, each with its own set of features. Some users will require a plugin to organise large-scale concerts, while others will only only a plugin to run a local writing workshop.

The purpose of utilising a WordPress event plugin is to make organizing events more convenient.

Some of the most popular features to look for in an event plugin include:

An easy-to-set-up and-manage event calendar
RSVP and ticketing systems built-in
Payment alternatives that are integrated for quick payments
Stay in contact with your attendees by sending out email alerts.

Overall, you should choose the finest plugin for your small company website that is appropriate for the sorts of events you will be hosting.

That being stated, let’s take a look at some of the finest WordPress event plugins for your site.

1. Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar
Sugar Calendar is one of the most popular WordPress calendar plugins. The plugin has a lot of features, yet it’s still quite simple to use.It’s also lightweight, so it won’t slow down or degrade the performance of your website.It has all of the event management capabilities you’ll ever need, including recurring events, start and end timings, single and multi-day events, event categories, and more.

You can even sell tickets using WooCommerce or Stripe thanks to the built-in ticketing system.

All of your events may be easily created and managed using an easy-to-use editor in the backend of your site. Your existing WordPress theme is integrated with the event calendars you display on the front end.

Sugar Calendar events example

Advanced addons are also available, allowing you to combine your events calendar with Google Calendar, WPForms, Google Maps, and more.

See our tutorial on how to make a simple event calendar using Sugar Calendar for more information.

2. WPForms


WPForms is the greatest WordPress form builder, with over 5 million websites using it. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to quickly design any type of form.

It comes with a template library with over 300+ ready-to-use templates, including event planner forms, vendor forms, RSVP forms, and more.

The drag and drop builder may be used to personalise all of them. You have complete control over the form fields, allowing you to capture all of the data you want from your visitors.

WPForms registration form example

You may even sell tickets using an event registration form template, and you can collect payments using Stripe or PayPal.

WPForms also interacts with a number of popular email marketing services, including Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Drip, and others. This makes emailing folks who have RSVP’d or registered for an event a breeze.

See our article on how to design an event registration page in WordPress for more information.

3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the industry’s most powerful WordPress form builder. With the drag and drop builder, you can construct practically any type of form.

The plugin contains a feature called Views that allows you to graphically show any form data you’ve collected or inputted yourself.


This makes creating your own events in your WordPress dashboard a breeze. You may also have it build everything you need on the front end of your site automatically, such as event details and calendars.

You can also construct event registration forms easily using a collection of over 175+ templates. It has online event registration forms, RSVP forms, event planner forms, and other useful information.

Formidable Forms RSVP form example

You also have complete access to your data within the plugin dashboard, so it’s very easy to manage all of your attendees.

4. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a feature-rich event management system that may assist you in managing almost every element of your events.

The user-friendly design makes it simple to enter all of the data for your event, including a separate page for venues and organisers.

You may show your event calendar on the front end in a variety of ways, such by day, week, or month. You may even highlight events to boost participation in the ones you wish to draw the most attention to.

You may also utilise filters to help your users locate the specific events they’re looking for.

The Events Calendar example

To make the event creation process go faster, you may simply import data from other calendars. Updates may also be subscribed to in iCal or Google Calendar by your users.

The Events Calendar offers a lot of complex capabilities, but it’s expensive because you’ll have to pay extra for each addon and website you use it on.

5. Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Pro

Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Pro

Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Pro is one of the greatest WordPress Facebook plugins available.

It allows you to link your WordPress site to Facebook with a single click. This plugin will assist you in integrating your Facebook community with your site if you have a large one and routinely promote and arrange events.

You may create a Facebook event instead of utilising numerous plugins, and it will instantly appear on your website.

Facebook event example

You may use the plugin to show your Facebook feed, posts, and more on your WordPress website in addition to the event automation and administration tools. You have complete control over how it appears and what information is shown.

See our article on how to show Facebook events on your WordPress site for more information.

6. Event Organiser

Events Organiser

Event Organiser is a straightforward WordPress event plugin that makes creating and managing events a breeze.

Using custom post types, establishing a new event is as straightforward as writing a blog post with this plugin. You may also schedule events in advance, allocate them to different venues, and more.

You may see your events in a list or calendar style in your WordPress dashboard.

Event Organiser example

It also comes with a few widgets that may be used to display an event calendar, agendas, or the basic WordPress calendar with events added.

If you primarily use your website to organise events, have a look at our recommendations for the best WordPress themes for events and conferences.

We hope that this post has taught you about some of the top WordPress event plugins for your website. You might also be interested in our guide to registering a domain name and our expert selections for the best small company live chat software.





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