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For your WordPress site, are you seeking for some of the greatest Facebook Tips and tutorials?

Facebook Tips is one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms. No website owner can afford to overlook Facebook’s potential for their company’s growth.


In this post, we’ll go over some of the greatest Facebook ideas and tutorials for improving your WordPress blog and expanding your audience.

1. Create a Custom Facebook Tips  Feed in WordPress

To increase interaction, create a unique Facebook feed on your website that displays postings from your Facebook page and Facebook groups.

You may expose your Facebook page updates to your website visitors and gain more followers by integrating a custom Facebook feed to WordPress.

It may also serve as social proof, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your site. It’s also a time saving because it automatically updates your website with new material from Facebook.

The Smash Balloon plugin is the best method to add a personalised Facebook feed. It’s one of the most popular WordPress Facebook plugins, with over 1.6 million websites using it.

Smash Balloon

The plugin is simple to use and allows you to totally personalise the appearance of your Facebook feed. You can also add a social wall with other social networks.

See our article on how to make a custom Facebook feed in WordPress for more information.

2. Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Data to WordPress

Facebook and other social media platforms can use Open Graph metadata to collect information about the material you publish.

When you post your article on Facebook, it will automatically show the title, description, and image. However, you may change this data so that Facebook displays precisely what you want.

It’s more probable that people will click over from social media to your website if you optimise this information. It might also assist you in resolving the Facebook thumbnail issue in WordPress.

Using the AIOSEO plugin is the simplest approach to incorporate Facebook open graph metadata. It’s the most popular WordPress SEO plugin, with over 3 million websites using it.


This plugin allows you to simply boost your WordPress SEO in order to increase traffic and control how your content appears on Facebook and other social media platforms.

You’ll find the ability to pick a post thumbnail, as well as to create a new title and description, beneath your post editor.

Facebook open graph data AIOSEO

See our article on how to integrate Facebook open graph meta data to WordPress themes for more information.

3. Add Facebook Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress

You’ll need an active social media marketing plan if you want to reach more clients online.

Sharing your material on your own social media sites is one aspect of this. This, however, will only be seen by your existing followers.

Adding Facebook social sharing buttons to your WordPress website is the greatest approach to broaden your reach.

That way, when people like your article, they can just click a button and it will instantly share it on Facebook.

Facebook social share buttons example

We propose utilising the Shared Counts plugin, which is one of the top social networking plugins for WordPress, to do this.

It employs a one-of-a-kind caching technique that has no impact on the speed and performance of your website.

See our beginner’s guide on adding social share buttons to WordPress for more information.

4. Add Your WooCommerce Store to Facebook

You may drive more visitors to your WooCommerce store and increase sales by connecting it to Facebook.

This allows you to reach out to your fans in new ways without having to do any more marketing. For example, your Facebook followers may not be aware of your online business, therefore it allows you to introduce them to it.

We propose utilising the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin for this. It allows you to effortlessly link your current WooCommerce store to your Facebook business profile so that your fans may begin purchasing things.

You can quickly handle orders from WooCommerce when someone buys something from your Facebook store.

Manage Facebook orders in WooCommerce

5. Automatically Post to Facebook from WordPress

Facebook, which has over 2 billion active members, may be a fantastic source of traffic and a terrific method to encourage people to visit your site.

However, maintaining an active following necessitates replying to comments, providing updates, and sharing high-quality information on a frequent basis.


You may save time while driving more traffic back to your website by automatically sharing blog content with your Facebook fans.

Here’s an example of a recent Facebook post from our WPBeginner group:

Sample automated Facebook share

The Uncanny Automator plugin is the best method to achieve this. It’s one of the most popular WordPress automation plugins for creating automated workflows without having to write any code.

It works similarly to Zapier for WordPress, allowing you to link your WordPress site to hundreds of other apps such as Facebook.

Uncanny Automator

There is a free version available that provides you 1,000 free Facebook credits. You’ll need to upgrade your account after you’ve spent those credits to keep publishing automatically.

See our beginner’s guide on automatically posting to Facebook from WordPress for more information.

6. Setup Facebook Conversion Tracking in WordPress

Conversion monitoring helps you to understand how users engage with your website and track the effect of your marketing efforts.

This might be a purchase, a new email newsletter subscriber, a user filling out a contact form, and more, depending on the sort of small business you run.

You can use Facebook conversion monitoring to track the performance of your ad campaigns if you’re using Facebook advertisements.

See our WordPress conversion tracking made simple step-by-step tutorial for additional information.

7. Embed Facebook Status Posts in WordPress

Visitors to your website will not be able to read your status changes until they leave and visit your Facebook page.

You may assist bridge the gap between website visitors and Facebook followers by incorporating your Facebook status updates into your WordPress blog.

This not only increases website engagement, but it may also help you gain more followers and likes and comments.

Embed Facebook status posts in WordPress blog

8. Display Your Facebook Timeline in WordPress

You can offer your users real-time updates and help increase your social media following by integrating your Facebook timeline with WordPress.

If you have a vibrant Facebook group, you may bring it to life on your website. You may see your whole Facebook timeline, including likes, comments, and other information.

The Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin is the ideal solution to achieve this once again.

It provides you total control over the appearance of your Facebook timeline.

Display Facebook timeline in WordPress

9. Run a Facebook Giveaway in WordPress

One of the quickest methods to increase the number of subscribers, users, and consumers to your website is to have a giveaway.

Giveaways are fantastic because they produce immediate results and promote social media involvement to help spread the news.

RafflePress is the simplest way to launch your own viral giveaway. It’s the greatest giveaway and contest plugin for WordPress on the market.

RafflePress Facebook share

10. Embed a Facebook Video in WordPress

Facebook videos are a fantastic method to connect with your audience while also promoting your company. When you add video content to your website, users are more likely to spend longer time on it, giving you more opportunities to create a relationship.

However, due to recent Facebook changes, you can no longer simply copy and paste a code snippet into your website to embed the video.

Fortunately, Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin makes this simple.

It allows you to add Facebook videos fast, change their appearance, and even view your whole video stream.

Embed Facebook videos in WordPress

See our article on how to embed a Facebook video in WordPress for more information.

We hope you found some new Facebook tips and tutorials useful in improving your WordPress website as a result of this post. You might also be interested in our recommendations for the finest small business live chat software and our explanation of the differences between a domain name and web hosting.



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