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Do you want to make a WordPress Fitness Tracker?

Fitness monitoring tools are available from a variety of health and fitness-related businesses and online groups. This keeps people interested and helps your business flourish.


We’ll teach you how to effortlessly construct a fitness tracker in WordPress to increase user engagement on your website in this post.

What is a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a web-based programme that allows users to keep track of many elements of their health and fitness.

A weight loss tracker, a BMI calculator, a food planner, or another form of health tracker might be used. No-code WordPress plugins that calculate different variables on the fly may be used to construct these online tools.

Why You Should Add a Fitness Tracker to Your WordPress Site

Adding a fitness tracker to your WordPress website for a health and fitness business or an online community is a simple method to increase user engagement.

This covers sites such as:

Websites for gyms and weight loss
Personal website of a personal trainer
A food blog or a nutritional website
Community for health and fitness
More on lifestyle communities
You may provide your visitors real tools to measure their fitness progress, which will encourage them to stay on your site longer.

Higher conversion rates and client retention are the results of improved user engagement.

Building an Online Fitness Community

MemberPress is one of the simplest methods to monetize a health and fitness website. It’s the greatest WordPress membership plugin, and it makes selling online courses and memberships a breeze.

You may make various fitness regimens, put members-only content behind a paywall, develop online courses, and more.

Users may then track their performance and improvement over time with the built-in fitness tracker. This encourages customers to stay longer on your site, increasing subscription renewals, upsells, and client retention.

See our step-by-step tutorial on how to establish a membership website in WordPress for additional information.

Creating an Online Fitness Tracker in WordPress

Formidable Forms is required to construct an online fitness tracker in WordPress.

It’s the greatest WordPress calculator plugin on the market for making complex forms and calculators for your website. Without having to write any code or employ a developer, you can easily construct your fitness monitoring forms with the drag and drop form builder.

Additionally, it integrates well with other programmes such as MemberPress, WooCommerce, and your email service provider.

The Formidable Forms plugin must first be installed and activated. See our step-by-step guide on installing a WordPress plugin for more information.

Upon activation, you need to visit the Formidable » Global Settings page to enter your plugin license key. You can find this information under your account on the Formidable Forms website.

Formidable Forms license key

After that, you need to visit the Formidable » Forms page.

Here, simply click on the Add New button to create your fitness tracking form.

Create a new fitness tracking form

Next, you will be asked to choose a template for your form.

There are a bunch of templates that you can use, but for this tutorial we’ll be starting with a blank form.

Choose blank form template

After that, give your form a name and a description before clicking the Create button.

This will open the drag-and-drop builder for Formidable Forms. A list of the form fields that you may add can be seen in the left column.

The form preview may be found on your right. There are no fields in the preview column since our form is blank.

Form builder interface

Let’s alter that and add the form fields for our fitness tracker for weight reduction.


The following form fields will be added to this tracker.

Formidable Forms will automatically complete this field for signed in users so they can check their own performance.
Users will be able to input the date on which they weighed themselves.
Number — This area will be renamed ‘Weight,’ and users will be asked to input their weight in pounds or kilogrammes.


After adding the fields, you can just click on a field to change its properties.

For instance, we edited the number field to change its label to ‘Weight’ and provided instructions in the description option.

Edit the form field

Once you are finished editing the form, click on the Update button to save your form.

Fitness Tracker

Adding Fitness Tracker in a WordPress Post or Page

The fitness tracker form should then be added to your WordPress website.

If you’re using MemberPress, all you have to do is change the Account page. You may also make a new page that is exclusively accessible to members. Users will be needed to login in order to enter their fitness statistics in this manner.

Simply add the Formidable Forms block to your page and choose your Fitness Tracker from the drop down menu on the page edit screen.

Formidable Forms block

Formidable In the page editor, a preview of your form will now appear. You are free to save your modifications now.

You may now log in with a fictitious new user account and fill out a few test fields.

Live fitness tracker

Display Fitness Form Tracker Data in WordPress

With Formidable Forms, displaying the data collected by your forms on your WordPress website is a breeze.

You have complete control over the fields you wish to display and how the data is displayed in graphs and charts.

Simply make a change to the post or page where you want the form data to appear. If you’re using MemberPress, you’ll obviously want to limit access to that page so that only logged-in users can see their personal fitness statistics.

After that, you’ll need to add a shortcode to your page that looks like this.

The parameters for this shortcode are as follows.

Fields – The ID of the field from which you wish to display data (in this case, the weight field).
y title — The Y Axis’s title. We’ll be utilising Weight in this scenario.
x axis – The ID of the field in the x axis that you want to utilise. The date field in this situation.
x title – The x axis title. We’ll use Date in this situation.
Only logged-in users may see their own data, therefore user id is set to ‘Current’.
By simply amending your fitness tracker form, you may find the field ID. In the form preview, you’ll see the ID for each field.

Finding the field ID

After adding the shortcode, don’t forget to save your changes.

Next, you need to login with the dummy user account you used earlier to add test entries, and visit the page you just created.

Here is how it looked on our test website:

Fitness tracker data chart

Creating More Fitness Tracking Tools in WordPress

Formidable Forms is the most sophisticated WordPress tool builder.

You may use it to develop a variety of online fitness calculators and tools in addition to the weight-loss monitoring form.

It also has templates for a BMI calculator and a Daily Calorie Intake calculator integrated right there.

Fitness calculator templates

We hope this post has shown you how to quickly and simply install a fitness tracker to your WordPress site. You might also be interested in checking out our expert selection for the best small company live chat software, or following our entire WordPress SEO guide to attract more free traffic from search engines.



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