Gift Cards

Do you want to use WooCommerce to add advanced Gift Cards?

Gift cards let your customers to purchase shop credit and then either retain it or give it as a gift. Gift cards may help you increase sales and profits since they are so popular with customers.


We’ll teach you how to effortlessly add sophisticated gift cards to WooCommerce in this post.

What Are the Benefits of Using Advanced Gift Cards in WooCommerce?

Gift cards provide your clients an easy method to acquire shop credits in advance, whether you sell physical things or digital

downloads in WordPress. While some buyers may purchase a gift card for themselves, they also make a great present.

You can make your WooCommerce store the go-to site for consumers who need a present but aren’t sure what to get by offering gift cards.

This translates to increased sales and earnings for your online shop.

Gift cards may also help your company get the word out, especially if the customer buys one for someone who hasn’t heard of your online store before.

It might be difficult to persuade a new consumer to make their first purchase. If someone receives a gift card, however, they are practically certain to utilise it, even if they are unfamiliar with your shop.

You’ll be able to capture this person’s contact information when they spend their gift card, allowing you to expand your email list in WordPress and encourage first-time consumers to become loyal repeat customers.

That stated, let’s take a look at how to add advanced gift cards to your WooCommerce store with ease.

How to Use WooCommerce to Add Advanced Gift Cards

Using the free Sophisticated Coupons plugin with the Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce premium addon is the simplest method to add advanced gift cards to WooCommerce.

To make gift cards, you’ll need both plugins installed. Because the gift card addon relies on the main Advanced Coupons plugin to function, this is the case.

Advanced Coupons is the most popular WordPress coupon code plugin. It enables you to make coupons in order to increase sales and expand your business.

We’ll be utilising the free Advanced Coupons plugin in this tutorial. The Advanced Coupons Premium plugin, on the other hand, offers more features like BOGO discounts, cart conditions, and the ability to auto-apply coupons. The Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce extension is fully compatible with both the free and premium editions.

An example of a gift card made with Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce can be seen in the image below.

An advanced gift card created for WooCommerce

When a client purchases a gift card, WordPress will email them a unique discount code that they can use in your online store.

You’ll need to install and activate the free Advanced Coupons plugin before you can generate and sell gift cards. Please visit our article on how to install a WordPress plugin if you need assistance.

The Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce extension must then be installed.

Your first job after activating this premium addon is to enter your Advanced Gift Cards licence key. This key may be found in the purchase confirmation email you received when you bought the Advanced Gift Cards extension.

Logging onto your Advanced Coupons account will also provide you with this key. Click ‘View Licenses’ in your account.

The Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce dashboard

Simply copy the key that appears in the area labelled “License key.” Make sure you’re using the licence key for the Advanced Gift Cards addon if you’ve purchased other Advanced Coupons plugins and extensions.

Go to Coupons » License in your WordPress dashboard after you’ve done that.

Adding your license key to the Advanced Gift Cards plugin

After that, go to the Advanced Gift Cards License Activation section and scroll down. Now you may put your licence key into the ‘License key’ section.

Then, fill in the email address with which you purchased the Advanced Gift Cards addition. Simply click the Activate Key button after that.

Activating the Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin

You’re all set to make gift cards for your clients. Go to Products » Add New to get started.

To begin, fill in the ‘Product name’ section with a title for your gift card. The product name is usually shown at the top of the product page in most WooCommerce themes, so it’s one of the first things consumers notice.

WooCommerce's 'New Product' screen

You may enter a description for your gift card directly below the ‘Product Name.’ Your description should be helpful, informative, and compelling in order to increase purchases.

Scroll down to the ‘Product Categories’ area after that. Customers may simply discover similar goods on your WordPress website by using product categories. This might assist you in selling more things and generating more revenue.

Simply tick the category’s box to add this gift card to it.The WooCommerce product category settings

Another alternative is to establish a new category, such as a Gift Card category, where customers may explore all of your cards. For more information, visit our article on how to add categories in WordPress.

After you’ve chosen a category, go to the Product Data section and open the selection that defaults to ‘Simple product

WooCommerce's Product Data settings

Then select the new ‘Advanced Gift Card’ option from the drop-down menu. WooCommerce will now provide all of the options for creating your gift card.

Fill in the ‘Regular pricing’ section with how much this card will cost to purchase.

Setting a price for your WooCommerce gift card

When a consumer purchases this gift card, your business will generate a one-of-a-kind discount code. The consumer may then input this code at your store’s checkout, just like any other WooCommerce smart discount.

Type the amount that will be added to the customer’s account when they use this voucher in Gift Card Value. This is generally the same as the Regular Price of the gift card.

How to add advanced gift cards in WooCommerce

Advanced Gift Cards will automatically send the card to the buyer’s email address. Gift cards, on the other hand, are frequently intended for someone else, such as a friend or family member.

With that in mind, you might wish to provide clients with the option of sending the card to a different email address, as seen in the image below.

A gift card created using Advanced Gift Cards for WooCommerce

Check the ‘Giftable’ box to provide your customers this option.


Your clients may now pick whether the gift card is sent to their own email address or to a separate one.

Making a gift card giftable

When a customer purchases a gift card, the plugin will email them a promo code as well as information about your shop.

As you can see in the example below, Advanced Gift Cards offers numerous ready-made themes that you may use in these emails.

A sample gift created created using WordPress and WooCommerce

To utilise one of these designs, go to the Gift Card Design area and select one of the ready-made designs from the drop-down menu.

Simply click the Preview Gift Card Email button to see how your emails will appear

Ready-made designs for your WooCommerce gift card

This will bring up a popup that will show you how your email will look with the design you’ve chosen.

Uploading an image of your choosing is another option. For example, you might develop a Thank You graphic with your store’s distinctive identity using web design tools.

Click the ‘Select picture’ button to use your own image.

Adding a custom image to your coupon

This will take you to the WordPress media library, where you can either select a picture or upload a new image from your computer to your WordPress site.

There are a few more options that you might wish to investigate. However, this is all you’ll need to make a WooCommerce advanced gift card.

Before you publish your gift card, you might wish to personalise the email that every consumer who purchases this item receives.

With this in mind, select Save Draft to save your gift card without publishing it to your online store.

How to Make the Advanced Gift Cards Email Your Own

If a consumer purchases a gift card, they will receive an email with instructions on how to use it.

You might want to tweak this email to make it more consistent with your brand and include the information you require. You may also wish to add any information to the default email that you believe is lacking.

Go to WooCommerce » Settings to make changes to this email. Click the ‘Emails’ tab after you’ve done that.

Editing the gift card email

Scroll down to the ‘Advanced Gift Card’ email on this screen.

Then, on the ‘Manage’ icon, click.

The Advanced Gift Cards email

The template that Advanced Gift Cards uses for all of its emails is now visible.

You might want to start by changing the subject and heading of the email.

The WooCommerce email templates

Simply typing simple text into these areas is one approach. This wording will then be used in all of WooCommerce’s gift card emails.

It’s also possible to include dynamic text. This is text that will automatically update dependent on things such as the gift card’s value or its expiration date.

You may use dynamic text to make your emails more useful and entertaining. Simply hover your cursor over a field’s ‘?’ symbol to view all of the dynamic text that you may use.

A popup will appear, displaying all of the numerous dynamic text options available in this field.

A choice of dynamic text

Now all you have to do is enter this dynamic text into the form, and WooCommerce will take care of everything else.

You may also use a combination of plain text and dynamic text, as shown in the figure below.

Customizing the gift card email template

Would you like to add any additional text to the default email? Then, in the ‘Additional material’ box, type it in. This language will show beneath the body of the email.

The ‘Additional content’ box, like previously, accepts both static and dynamic text. Hover your cursor over the ‘?’ symbol to view the various dynamic text options for your added material.

Editing the WooCommerce eCommerce emails

Click the ‘Save changes’ button after you’re through customising your email.

Make sure that any emails sent from your WooCommerce store land in the recipient’s inbox rather than the spam bin.

To increase email deliverability, the best method to do it is to use an SMTP service provider. See our tutorial on how to solve WordPress not sending email for more information.

To get started, we recommend installing the free WP Mail SMTP plugin.

You’re ready to start selling your gift card after you’ve set up your emails.

Simply go to Products > All Products to publish your gift card product. Find the gift card we made previously and click the ‘Edit’ button on it on this screen.

Gift Cards

Then, by selecting the ‘Publish’ option, you may make your gift card public. This gift card will now be available for purchase on your WooCommerce store.

We hope that this post has shown you how to add advanced gift cards to WooCommerce with ease. You might also be interested in our guides on how to make a WooCommerce popup and the best WooCommerce plugins for your shop.




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