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Do you need the small businesses best autodialer software for your small business?


By increasing the productivity of your sales and customer service teams, auto dialer software may help you increase corporate communication.

We’ve hand-picked some of the top auto dialer software for use with your WordPress site in this post.

When Do You Need to Use Auto Dialer Software small businesses ?

By automatically calling phones and optimising operations, auto dialer software may help your company save time. When your call is answered, the programme will immediately connect you to one of your team members who is available.

Instead of wasting time on manual dialling, your staff can concentrate on providing an excellent customer experience and turning new leads into long-term clients.

Many auto dialer systems also offer typical business phone, call centre, and CRM functionality, allowing you to manage all of your company’s communication needs in one location.

When it comes to cold-calling and mobile phone calling campaigns, auto dialer software can help you stay in compliance with federal requirements.

There are a variety of reasons why you should utilise automated dialling software in your company:

Reduce the duration between calls for your sales agents to make them more successful.
Assist your customer care personnel in helping a bigger number of people.
Make contact with possible non-profit contributors.
Make your connections aware of an impending event.
Political campaign canvassing
With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the finest auto dialer software for your small company website.

1. Nextiva


Nextiva is one of the greatest business phone services available, which is why we use it at WPBeginner and our other businesses.

It has a one-of-a-kind click-to-call feature that allows your team to dial phone numbers and call fresh leads with a single click.

Nextiva works with all of the most popular small company CRMs, including HubSpot, Zendesk, Zoho, Salesforce, and others.

You can make phone calls directly from your CRM software using these connectors.

It essentially transforms your existing CRM into an outbound call centre solution. Within your CRM, you may organise and categorise your lists, then make calls with the press of a button.

This saves your team time from manually calling numbers and switching between various tools. You may also access all of your existing contact data in your CRM to increase the quality of your conversations.

On WPBeginner, we utilise Nextiva as our business phone service. It is, in our opinion, the greatest business phone service in terms of affordability and functionality.


All of the basic business phone functions are available with Nextiva, including voice and video calling, video conferencing, SMS messaging, faxing, screen sharing, automatic call routing and callback, and more.

Aside from that, they have a number of other really useful features for outbound sales, such as the ability for your live agent to visually track and manage the entire sales process pipeline, set up automated follow-up notifications via email, get detailed analytics through call monitoring, and so on.

If you’re a small business, these smart technologies can help you enhance lead generation, increase sales, and generate more income.

Even major companies that employ call centre software choose Nextiva for their omnichannel communication needs since it interacts effortlessly with their multiple systems while providing robust functionality for call centre workers to increase productivity.

Expert Review: For most firms, Nextiva is the finest business phone option. You can effortlessly handle all of your business phone demands by combining the click to call solution with all of the business phone capabilities.

It’s also reasonably priced, starting at $20.95 per user each month with no need for yearly commitments.

To use the CRM connection capabilities, you’ll need at least the Professional plan. Adding extra users to your plan or purchasing pre-paid packages can also save you money.

2. RingCentral


Over 400,000 organisations utilise RingCentral, making it one of the finest business VoIP services on the market.

It includes everything you’ll need to run a call centre, manage your business phone system, and streamline your sales and customer service processes.

RingCentral features a progressive dialer, previewing dialling, and predictive dialling as well as other auto dialling capabilities. Predictive dialling allows you to dial numerous numbers at once and routes the call to the next available agent using algorithms.

It’s also one of the greatest auto dialling alternatives for lowering your regulatory risk.

This tool will assist you in remaining compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules if you plan to conduct large-scale telemarketing operations.

It contains built-in capabilities such as ensuring that you only call inside particular time frames, avoiding the do not call list (DNC), safely contacting mobile phones, and more.

You may construct bespoke automated call scripts for various instances and tweak them using the drag-and-drop builder supplied. This is also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and it comes in handy during peak hours.

RingCentral also provides tailored solutions for companies in a variety of industries, including technology, retail, healthcare, financial services, education, real estate, and more.

You also receive unlimited calling, caller ID, call forwarding, SMS, live chat, call tracking, call distribution, and other typical corporate phone and contact centre solutions in addition to the automatic dialling software.

There’s also a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee, ensuring that your team never misses a crucial call.

Expert review: We believe that

one of the best phone solutions for business owners with scaling businesses.

It starts at $19.99 per month per user when billed annually. There’s also a 15-day free trial you can use to test out the software and see if it’s a good fit.

3. PhoneBurner


PhoneBurner is an auto calling programme that powers over 11 million monthly talks and is utilised by firms like Remax. It’s a cloud-based programme that makes calls via VoIP, so it can be accessed from anywhere and is ideal for remote teams.

Despite the fact that the software is designed for remote teams, the call quality is comparable to that of a landline.

Your sales force may make up to 80 calls per hour using the auto dialling feature. This is a fantastic approach to increase the effectiveness of your sales staff and help them clinch more business.


It has comprehensive lead management tools, such as the ability to organise leads by location, tags, and the last time they were called, among other things.

Unlimited preset voicemails is another time-saving option. They may leave a preset message on someone’s voicemail with a simple click once they reach their voicemail. During a busy signal, the programme can also send follow-up text messages and emails in real time.

PhoneBurner also has an integrated sales CRM, allowing you to manage your contact list and leads without having to use a third-party tool.

You may simply integrate applications like Zoom, HubSpot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, FreshDesk, and others if you currently use a CRM.

There’s also an open API, which means you can build an integration with almost any CRM, even if it’s not currently accessible.

Expert Review: PhoneBurner is a wonderful option for businesses who don’t have a CRM and want one that is integrated and simple to use.

The phone system isn’t as extensive as Nextiva’s, but it’s a good option for individuals who need an advanced auto dialer.

The price is simple and straightforward, with an annual subscription costing $149 per user every month. When you purchase a yearly plan, you can also get a discount.

4. Voicent


Voicent is a leading auto dialer supplier with a variety of services to suit organisations of all sizes.

Many services charge a single flat payment regardless of how much you use them. Instead, Voicent charges you based on the number of calls you make. This is ideal for organisations who only need to utilise an auto dialer during busy times of the year, such as the holidays.

Prerecorded auto dialling is one of the software’s key functions. This makes it simple to transmit recorded messages to a group of people. You can record your message or utilise the computer-generated voice that comes with the app.

You’ll discover everything you need to handle outgoing and incoming calls, SMS messages, emails, and more, in addition to the auto dialling options.

There’s also a CRM built-in to help you monitor leads and customers automatically and improve your customer follow-up process.

Voicent is one of the greatest options for sending prerecorded messages to your contact list.

The cost is reasonable, starting at $19 per user per month for yearly payments and $29 per user per month for monthly payments. This makes it one of the most cost-effective solutions for small organisations.

Caller ID, workflow automation, and incoming call centre functions are optional add-ons. There is, however, a 30-day free trial available to try out the programme and see if it’s right for your business.

5. CallHub



For small organisations, CallHub is an all-in-one auto dialer solution. Nonprofits and political campaigns such as the American Red Cross, Sierra Club, Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and others frequently use it.

This application has built-in templates for a variety of use cases, allowing you to increase your voter outreach, attract volunteers, streamline fundraising and contributions, and more.

Predictive dialling, robo dialling, preview dialling, and a power dialer are all included in the automatic dialling programme. Telemarketing and political campaigns frequently employ robo dialer features.

Simply add your contact list and start phoning. A caller ID function is incorporated, which will display a local number based on the area code of your contact.

Expert Review: With its built-in processes, CallHub is one of the finest alternatives for organisations and political campaigns looking to save time.

It isn’t as adaptable as Nextiva, but it might be a suitable fit for your company in some situations.

There’s also a free Lite edition that allows you try out the programme, and you can upgrade to the auto dialer option for $99 per month.

Auto calling, predictive dialling, power dialling, and support for unlimited contacts and agents are all included in the paid subscriptions, which start at $199 per month.

6. Five9


Five9 has been active for over 20 years and is one of the most well-known auto dialer solutions. Big businesses like DoorDash, Lululemon, Fitbit, and others use it.

Predictive dialling, progressive dialling, power dialling, and a preview dialer are all features of the auto dialer programme. Before your agents pick up the phone, the preview dialer tool displays them critical information about the consumer.

Your agent productivity and conversation time might be increased by 300 percent with the predictive dialer. The predictive algorithm will only connect your agents once a live person is on the phone, rather than waiting for unanswered calls.

It may also be tailored to your contacts’ time zones and list penetration, ensuring that your company remains compliant with rules.

You may select the sort of auto dialer that best suits your needs and set it up in just a few clicks.

Standard auto dialer capabilities such as agent scripting, answering machine identification, automated voicemail, local caller ID, live call recording, and more are included in the programme.

Expert Review: Five9 is a sophisticated system that can handle thousands of workers in a contact centre.

It is designed for large-scale organisations, thus it may not be the greatest choice for your WordPress-based company.

Five9’s price is not published online. You’ll need to contact their staff to receive price information specific to your company’s needs.

Which is the Best Auto Dialer Software for Your Team?

All of the applications mentioned above are excellent auto dialling options for increasing the efficiency of your customer care, sales, and marketing departments.

Nextiva is the finest business phone software for small enterprises, according to us. Although it lacks tight auto dialling capabilities, the one-click calling and simple CRM integration will help you enhance your sales process and strengthen client interactions.

It also includes all of the capabilities you’ll need to handle your onichannel communication, such as live chat, SMS, a business phone, toll-free numbers, and more.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Nextiva, RingCentral is a great option. It is not only one of the best corporate VoIP providers, but it also provides industry-leading predictive dialling and all of the tools your company needs to be compliant.

PhoneBurner may be a terrific method to optimise the workflow of your sales and customer support workers if you’re predominantly a remote workforce.

We hope this post was useful in assisting you in your search for the finest auto dialer software for your small business. You might also be interested in our guide to obtaining an email domain and our expert recommendations for the best email marketing services for small businesses.



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